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We power the companies pioneering the next wave of consumer finance

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Income data insights, simplified

Peoples’ income is complex. With just weeks of implementation you can get the benefit of a platform that simplifies the complexity and uncovers what you care about: insights.

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Build products with Pinwheel's API

Our products enable use cases for banks, lenders, crypto companies and more.

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Deposit Switch

Become your customer’s primary financial institution by automating direct deposit switching. Increase profitability and lifetime value by monitoring direct deposit allocations.

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Earnings Stream

Gain actionable insights into your customers’ earnings, straight from payroll and time and attendance systems.

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Automate the tax form retrieval process to help build solutions that make taxes less of a hassle for your customers.

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Verify income and employment data to manage lending risk, improve underwriting models, increase repayment rates and simplify tenant screening.

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Helping banks and lenders develop better products

From automating manual processes to improving customers’ financial health, Pinwheel supports banks and lenders as they take their products to the next level.

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Direct deposit switching
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Enable customers to update their direct deposit settings in a few clicks and become their primary financial institution.
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Earned wage access
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Use insights into income to allow your customers access to their wages at any time.
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Verification of income and employment
Streamline the income and employment verification process for all your customers.
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Cash flow underwriting
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Expand loan access to more customers based on their verified income and employment data — not only their credit score.
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Financial wellness and education
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Offer financial management tools to help customers spend and save wisely based on their earnings.
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remediation plans
Proactive remediation plans
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Prevent loan delinquencies by actively monitoring detailed earnings.
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Digital and in-person solutions meet your customers where they are

From physical branches to mobile apps and digital marketing campaigns, Pinwheel’s payroll connectivity solutions can be used across any consumer touchpoint.
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Pinwheel Smart Branchpinwheel smart branch
Smart Branch
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Launch new features and services quickly with Pinwheel Link

Pinwheel Link is our platform interface which enables end users to search for their employers and payroll providers.
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Many interfaces, one Pinwheel, fully customizable.
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3X industry average coverage
99.9% uptime
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First CRA in the industry

The Pinwheel Advantage

Unique approach to data
We are the only API provider in the industry that makes sense of income and employment data with Earnings Stream.
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Quality team and technology
Our team has decades of experience at leading companies in the fintech industry.


win rate and unrivaled conversion in head-to-heads against our competitors.

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Market-leading coverage
With coverage of 80% of U.S. workers, no other payroll data connectivity API provides coverage at the level of Pinwheel.


payroll and income platforms, including gig and creator economy platforms  such as Uber, Etsy, and DoorDash.

The only API provider that covers more than 40 time & attendance systems for an estimated 25 million workers.
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Market-leading coverage
The only API provider in the industry with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).


uptime at highest volumes and in-house CISO mean Pinwheel delivers enterprise-grade solutions you can trust.

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Consumer reporting agency
Pinwheel is the first API provider in the industry that is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA).

Thanks to our CRA status, our clients can use income and employment data for FCRA-permissible purposes such as credit decisioning.

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Ready to discover what Pinwheel can do for you?

Get in touch to learn more about our solutions across direct deposit switching, income and employment verification, earned wage access, and more.

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