Income data engineered for fintech innovation

Pinwheel makes sense of real time income and employment data so you can become the primary bank, reduce risk, and activate users.

We power companies that pioneer the next wave of consumer financial services

Powered by reliable recurring access

Stay current on changing consumer financial data with real-time alerts and the ability to monitor updates to direct deposit allocations or income and employment for connected accounts.

Why leading companies rely on our platform

Quality technology
and team

Proven technology and team trusted by the most innovative fintechs and financial institutions.


win rate and unrivaled conversion in head-to-head comparisons

Market leading coverage

Coverage of 80% of US workers across 1,600 income and payroll platforms, including gig and creator platforms.


the industry average for platform coverage

Enterprise grade platform

Dedicated CISO, unique security solutions like asymmetric key, and proven stability at high volumes.


uptime at the highest
monthly volumes


FCRA compliant

We are a CRA, which gives customers a unique advantage.


CRA, and only one in the industry

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We are partnered with trusted technology and banking partners across every vertical to reduce costs and accelerate launch.

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