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Pinwheel for Banking

Become and remain your customer’s primary financial institution

Consumers have more banking options available now than ever before. With Pinwheel, you have the tools to set your financial services apart and become their primary bank.

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Yourapp uses pinwheel to connect to your payroll provider
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Products that reduce risk and increase engagement

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Automate direct deposit switching

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Monitor for deposit changes

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Mitigate fraud on activation

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Offer earned wage access

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Drive engagement with modern digital banking features

Pinwheel sets the stage for new financial services products.

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Earned wage access
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Power earned wage access with Pinwheel Earnings Stream. As the only API provider in the industry that connects to both 1600+ payroll platforms and 40+ time & attendance systems, we make sense of income data by providing an accurate calculation of earned wages and a real-time projection of future earnings.
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direct deposit switching
Direct deposit switching
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Automate direct deposit switching using Pinwheel Deposit Switch and create a frictionless user experience without manual processes and paper forms.
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Seamless verification
Pinwheel Verify speeds up identity, income, and employment verification, enabling you to quickly and safely open new accounts. We provide consumer-permissioned data directly from payroll platforms, minimizing the risk of fraud and creating a frictionless user experience.
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Launch new features and services quickly with Pinwheel Link

Pinwheel Link is our platform interface which enables end users to search for their employers and payroll providers.
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Many interfaces, one Pinwheel, fully customizable.
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No -code
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3X industry average coverage
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99.9% uptime
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First CRA in the industry
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