Building a fairer financial future as a Consumer Reporting Agency

As a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), Pinwheel provides consumer permissioned income and employment data to our clients while ensuring that consumers have full protections available under FCRA.

Consumer Permissioned Data

FCRA Consumer Protections

30 Day Dispute Resolution

What this means for customers

Our customers can now use consumer data sourced through Pinwheel for FCRA-permissible purposes, like offering and approving credit products. When a customer works with us as a CRA, they can leverage the insight that payroll data provides into a consumer’s financial data to make credit decisions, reducing potential credit risk, minimizing fraud, and more. The regulatory certainty provided by the FCRA also helps our customers limit exposure to the legal risks of misusing non-FCRA compliant data. Finally, being a CRA helps us build a product that will be exponentially more valuable to our customers. As a CRA, we can develop a product that actually enhances consumers data through additional calculations and translations (instead of simply acting as a “pass-through”).

What this means for consumers

We help empower the consumer to take control of their data, letting them request the reports shared with lenders and providing a means of recourse for anyone who believes their data is incorrect. Unlike other providers, instead of just suggesting FCRA compliance on our site we have implemented operational and legal processes to back these claims up, starting with our FCRA end user portal which helps consumers see their information and file disputes. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

What this means for consumers