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Market leading product that powers expansive new use cases through a single connection.

Fully customizable user experience and flexible search that leads in conversion.

The only solution to mitigate fraud by verifying user identity prior to a direct deposit switch.

Powered by reliable recurring access

Gain ongoing visibility into direct deposit allocations, competitor insights, and trends like consumer income.

With recurring access, make better business decisions, attract high value customers, and learn who else is competing for their wallets — so you can win more.

Enabling new use
cases every day

Helping customers achieve meaningful results

Envel gears up to capture direct deposits

Pinwheel automated Envel's direct deposit switching in a matter of weeks — with expert help from enterprise development partner Scope — setting the fintech up to increase revenue and better serve its customers.

The average neobank sees an average direct deposit of $1,000 per customer per paycycle, meaning even just 1,000 customer switches can result in an increase of $26 million in deposits in a year.

*Assumes bi-weekly paycycle (26 paychecks)

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