Direct deposit switching

Switching direct deposits is usually a painful process involving paper forms and HR teams. Make it easy with Pinwheel’s digital drop in solution.

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We've got you covered

Pinwheel has coverage across 70% of paid Americans, including those on unemployment assistance, gig economy workers, and government employees.

Real-time switching

Your customers can utilize Pinwheel to update their direct deposit settings from within your application, circumventing the need to use archaic payroll and HR portals. Get instant confirmation when a switch is successfully made.

The Best Solution For Direct Deposit Switching

Pinwheel is the highest performing and most reliable payroll API in the market. Customers can search by either their employer or payroll provider. Once they authenticate, customers will specify the amount to switch into your account. Our flow is optimized for conversion, ensuring that your customers have the best experience, and that you are able to achieve the outcomes that you want.

And A Whole Lot More

Your security is our priority

We utilize market-leading practices and standards to keep your customers’ data safe and secure, trusted by some of the largest companies in financial services today.

Deep industry knowledge

Take advantage of our 26,000+ (and growing) employer to payroll platforms, maximizing the number of your customers that we can serve.

Flexible to fit your needs

We know how important your customer experience is. Pinwheel makes it easy to customize the consumer experience to meet your brand and design standards.

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