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Data that can be utilized for FCRA permissible purposes such as credit decisioning.

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High quality data built on automated rulesets, alerting, and manual verification.

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A comprehensive view across employment, identity, income, paystubs, and shifts.

A full stack of high quality FCRA compliant data


Provides data such as full name, date of birth, email, address, and the last 4 digits of the SSN to enable critical fraud prevention processes like KYC and identify-verified direct deposit switching.


Provides data such as employer's name, employment status, title, and start date to streamline traditionally manual processes like employment verification and background checks for job applicants.


Provides data such as annual salary or hourly wage to enable a holistic understanding of a consumer’s financial situation and more accessible and innovative lending products.


Provides real-time visibility into pay data with recent and historical paystubs, gross pay, net pay, deductions, and taxes to power use cases like earned wage access.


Provides real-time visibility into ongoing and completed work performed, shift dates, timestamps, type of work, and associated earnings to power use cases like earned wage access.

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Gain ongoing visibility into consumer income and employment data.

With recurring access, make better business decisions, attract high value customers, and create engaging experiences they'll care about.

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cases every day

Helping customers achieve meaningful results

Findigs becomes market leader in vertical renting with Pinwheel

“Pinwheel has been transformative for our business. Their team and products are the best in the industry. Thanks to their rich and accurate income and employment dataset, we have become the one stop shop in renting across several hundred thousand US homes in all 50 states.”

Stephen Carroll
Co-Founder and CEO, Findigs

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