Earned wage access

Delight your customers with immediate access to earnings

Create more customer engagement by powering earned wage access experiences

The problem

Offering earned wage access requires connecting to myriad employers and building risk models and underwriting engines.

This is time consuming and difficult.

The solution

We take care of the heavy lifting with access to critical data like shifts and paystubs.

This enables easier ways to offer earned wage access without all the hassle.

How it works

Make it easy for users to access earned wages with a few simple steps

A screenshot showing a login form for ADP with username and password fields
User authenticates through secure login supporting MFA
A screenshot showing how Pinwheel is connecting to a payroll provider and checking hours worked
Pinwheel pulls paystubs and shifts data for worked hours and income earned
A screenshot confirming earned income is available
Results are shown, along with a call to action to claim earned wages

Products and benefits

Income & employment

Leverage Paystubs and Shifts endpoint data to quantify completed work.

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Direct deposit

Enable connectivity to consumer direct deposits to reduce loss risk with earned wage access.

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Helping customers achieve meaningful results

Pinwheel allows consumers to tap into wages as soon as they're earned

Sixty-one percent of Americans aren’t able to cover $1,000 in unexpected expenses with money from their savings and instead resort to loans or borrowing from friends and family.

Pinwheel makes it possible for companies to offer earned wage access and they can rely on Pinwheel’s connectivity to more than 1,500 platforms.

Source: Bankrate


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