Verification of income & employment

Streamline verification for critical processes like loan underwriting and fraud mitigation

Confidently tap into a wealth of income and employment data

The problem

Traditional verification services are archaic, with limited coverage and outdated data.

This makes it hard to modernize processes like loan underwriting, fraud mitigation, and even tenant screening.

The solution

Access high quality and FCRA compliant income and employment data across various endpoints.

This helps you confidently and immediately streamline any verification process.

How it works

Easily verify consumer income and employment in just a few steps

A screenshot showing a search UI with logos of popular employees such as Uber and Amazon
User searches for and selects employer or payroll provider portal
A screenshot showing a login form for ADP with username and password fields
User authenticates through secure login supporting MFA
A screenshot showing a successful verification process
After successful login Pinwheel returns income and employment data to app

Products & benefits

Income & employment

Streamline verification processes and improve underwriting with FCRA compliant data across five distinct endpoints.

Connectivity is built on automated rulesets, alerting, and manual verification to maximize data quality.

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Reliable recurring access

Gain ongoing visibility into consumer income and employment data.

With recurring access, make better business decisions, attract high value customers, and create engaging experiences they'll care about.

Helping customers achieve meaningful results

Findigs becomes market leader in vertical renting with Pinwheel

“Pinwheel has been transformative for our business. Their team and products are the best in the industry. Thanks to their rich and accurate income and employment dataset, we have become the one stop shop in renting across several hundred thousand US homes in all 50 states.”

Stephen Carroll
Co-Founder and CEO, Findigs


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