Paycheck linked lending

Improve loan repayment rates and reach new customer segments

Deliver next generation lending products

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The problem

Lenders see high risk. Consumers see opportunity. Where’s the disconnect?

While consumer views on loans are evolving, the technology enabling new ways to deliver lending products hasn’t quite caught up.

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The solution

Connect to income sources directly to set up a recurring loan payment directly linked to a consumer’s paycheck.

This lowers risk and gives better access to loans for consumers who need it the most.

How it works

Make it easy for consumers to link their loan payments to paychecks with a UX that builds accountability

Engage & retain your consumers with a complete product suite

Income & employment

Verify consumer eligibility for paycheck linked loans based on income levels and employment.

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Direct deposit

Set up automatic loan repayments directly from a consumer's paycheck.

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Helping customers achieve meaningful results

Helping Perpay remove friction in its customer journey

“Pinwheel has been a true partner to us from our earliest days to now. They are laser-focused on supporting our success and have helped to take us to the next level. After implementing Pinwheel’s payroll connectivity APIs, we were able to increase our repayment rates by 3x which has been a game-changer for our business.”

Chris DiMarco
Founder and CEO, Perpay

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