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Pinwheel expands connectivity to 1.5M employers

Pinwheel Team

June 16, 2022

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Whenever an end user experiences Pinwheel’s API, they have access to a unified search experience to easily connect to over 1,600 payroll platforms (e.g. ADP or Justworks) — 3x the industry average — from traditional payroll to time and attendance systems and government portals.  This unified search experience also enables end users to search for their employer to connect to their appropriate payroll platform.  

To help with this, Pinwheel is proud to announce our expanded connectivity to over 1.5 million employers. We have established validated, individual mappings to the most employers in the industry, and more than triple the number of employers offered by other payroll APIs. Pinwheel is thrilled to lead the industry in this respect, and we believe this expansion only reinforces our best-in-class coverage of over 80% of paid US workers.

Higher conversion, happier users

Pinwheel’s connectivity to 1.5 million-plus employers means our customers can rest assured their users won’t encounter a digital dead end. By connecting to more employers, we make it easier for end users to connect their payroll or income platform, thus reducing friction in the overall experience and increasing user conversion.

Think about it: more employers means more successful connections to a user’s payroll or income platform. If a user doesn’t know their payroll platform, surely they know their employer, so increasing the available options a user can choose from is essential to growing share of wallet, delivering a seamless user experience, and delighting consumers.

Pinwheel is committed to growing our leading coverage and employer mappings so our customers can see higher conversion rates and build the next best financial products.

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