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April product release: Enabling connectivity to time and attendance data for 25M US workers

Pinwheel Team

April 18, 2022

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Last month we shared news about how we added support for time & attendance (T&A) platforms to Pinwheel.  Connectivity to T&A platforms is necessary because some employers record employee shifts (“hours worked”) data in a separate system from their payroll. A robust earned wage access solution is based on accurate hourly wages and real time shifts information, so having both payroll and T&A connectivity is critical!

This week, we’ve expanded this coverage to include 20 of the top T&A platforms including Deputy, HotSchedules, Homebase, and more. This more than doubles the availability of our shifts data. With this shifts data, you can see the hours an end user has worked as soon as they’ve completed a shift, allowing you to pay them instantly.

We've also made it easy for you to implement a seamless connectivity experience by enriching our employer mappings. Our system now accounts for both the payroll and T&A platform that an employer utilizes so we can direct your users to the appropriate platforms as needed.

By unlocking shifts connectivity for an estimated 25M US workers, we’re the first and only payroll connectivity API player that can effectively power earned wage access through direct integrations with T&A systems.

How does it work?

An end-user will begin their Pinwheel journey by connecting to their Payroll platform. From that point, we cover a variety of scenarios:

  • Pinwheel will retrieve any available Shifts data from the platform – including any data that is available via an SSO.
  • If shifts data is not available via the platforms, but we detect hourly work, we will direct them to the corresponding time and attendance system.
  • Lastly, we also allow the end-user to search for the appropriate system themselves.

Interested in learning more?  

Check out our docs for more info. And as always, you can reach out to your account executive or contact us here.