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Build fully custom experiences with Pinwheel’s Link API

Pinwheel Team

June 21, 2022

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Customers that use Pinwheel Link — our front-end user modal — see impressive conversion rates. That’s because we’ve spent countless hours refining and optimizing the experience for the user. And before today, customers looking to integrate Pinwheel without a custom user experience (UX) could look to our Link UX as the singular solution.

But sometimes a single solution isn’t enough. Some companies may require full ownership of the UX (such as styles, branding, etc.), in which case our plug-in Link experience wouldn’t be an exact fit. These companies can still benefit immensely from Pinwheel’s user flow, but require more flexibility to design it as they wish.

As a result, we’re proud to introduce Pinwheel’s Link API, a robust and fully customizable option for companies looking to integrate Pinwheel while maintaining full control over their UX. Link API is a REST API, which stands for “representational state transfer,” and acts as a set of guidelines that can be implemented as needed. REST APIs are fast and lightweight, making them a great choice for companies looking to build financial products at scale. 

With Link REST API, you get the benefits of Pinwheel’s platform while owning the UX to create a fully integrated experience with your product. Plus, we’ve rebuilt the Pinwheel Link modal from the ground up using Link API, so you can expect the same APIs, performance, and reliability that’s available in Link.

A fully custom experience using Pinwheel's Link API

Fully owned and custom UX, from end to end

No longer are customers required to implement Pinwheel’s Link UX with default branding, although that will always be an option. With Link API, customers gain full autonomy to build a truly seamless UX that matches their branding, styles, and language, from the search experience to selecting a platform and all the way through to a completed job.

If your experience is more nuanced and you have the resources to build out a fully custom UX, then Link API is your choice. But if you’re looking to get up and running quickly, or don’t have the development resources, or simply require a standard flow, then Link modal is a great fit.

Shifting ownership of the Link UX from Pinwheel to our customers opens new doors for everyone. Companies with explicit integration requirements can benefit from Link API immediately while adhering to guidelines, and customers already using Link can access new flexibility in how they customize their experience.

It’s more than flexibility, though. Customers that leverage Link API can deliver experiences that reduce friction for their users. A thoughtful UX can be the glue that binds together the customer experience and inspires long-term customer stickiness (i.e. preference) for an app or service.

This is one of many examples in which Pinwheel aims to put our customers — and their customers, the users — front and center. It’s a key element of the Pinwheel experience: as partners, we take note from our customers and build their ideas for new features into our product roadmap. Designing solutions that enable more thoughtful, user-centric experiences only furthers our commitment to a fairer financial system.

Try out Link API and start customizing now

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