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Ryan Nier Joins Pinwheel as the Company’s first General Counsel

Pinwheel Team

July 18, 2022

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Today, we're excited to announce that Ryan Nier joins Pinwheel as the company’s General Counsel.

Ryan is an accomplished legal expert, former software engineer, and startup founder. Ryan will leverage his well-rounded and unique background to build a high-performing, high-engagement legal team, tracking and minimizing company risk while working with product teams to enable the innovation necessary to create a fairer financial system.

After attending law school at the University of Michigan, Ryan spent nine years at the law firm Paul Hastings doing a combination of litigation and advisory work for clients ranging from financial institutions to device manufacturers, and SaaS startups. Ryan also founded a startup of his own, then shifted his focus to the financial services industry, and spent over five years at Capital One building a legal team for its venture capital investments and emerging products like artificially-intelligent chatbots, APIs, tokenized payments, and identity management platforms. Before joining Pinwheel, Ryan spent another two and half years as the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Digit, a financial-health-focused neobank (acquired in late 2021) that offers investing, bank accounts, closed-loop intelligent savings, and financial insights.

Ryan was drawn to Pinwheel because of the company’s mission to create a fairer financial ecosystem that allows customers to leverage their payroll data the same way they can now use their bank transactions to budget, save, invest, and do their taxes.

“I was drawn to Pinwheel because of the mission being driven forward by a group of savvy problem solvers,” said Nier, General Counsel. “As someone whose family growing up was negatively impacted by the US credit system, I look forward to a world where consumers can have immediate access to their wages, receive a discount on a car loan by plugging into their payroll system, and just generally be free from the awful impact of inaccurate or outdated legacy credit reporting data. Pinwheel is making all of this and more possible, and I couldn’t be more excited to join them.”

“With his wealth of legal expertise, a deep understanding of the fintech ecosystem, and a shared passion for furthering financial inclusion, we couldn’t be more excited for Ryan to join Pinwheel as our first General Counsel,” said Kurtis Lin, co-founder, and CEO. “Ryan will be instrumental in accelerating our mission to unlock the income and payroll data necessary to help our customers build the next generation of financial tools and services, and ultimately a fairer financial system."  

Our team is still growing, so if you want to join the team building a world-class income data infrastructure, check out our open roles.

If you're curious about how Pinwheel's products power companies like Cash App and Acorns, reach out to our team today.