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Optimizing for conversion with smarter employer mappings

Pinwheel Team

August 18, 2022

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With our rollout of 1.5M employer mappings- 3X the industry average, we took the opportunity to create a curated list of enabled employer mappings to optimize for conversion. With our connection to the most number of employers in the industry, we are best equipped to find the perfect mix that leads to the highest conversion. After optimizing since June, we have found the right (for now!) combination of mappings and seen a 25% improvement in conversion rate!

Testing strategy and results

Over the past few months, we ran 6 iterations of our test across 5 version changes to our application. By running these A/B tests we were able to find incremental ways to not only improve top of funnel conversion, but also improve overall job success. 

  1. Test 1: Compare a minimalistic search screen with no highlighted platforms and no mappings enabled to our 1.5M search
  2. Test 2: Bring back the UX elements of popular payroll providers at the top of the search experience 
  3. Test 3: Bring back employer specific platforms (ESPs) to the search experience
  4. Test 4: Shows popular payroll providers at the top of the search screen and allows users to search for employers specifically curated by us
  5. Test 5: Shows popular payroll providers at the top of the search screen and allows users to search for employers through a carefully curated smart employer list

After the 5th test from the beginning of our journey we reached an optimal distribution of mappings, uniquely available from our catalog of 1.5M mappings, that are best optimized for conversion. We will continue to build machine learning models and test for optimal performance but with our current 25% conversion improvement, these changes will be brought forward to production. Our work is far from over, but we’re excited with the results to date and are looking forward to getting these improvements out to all of our customers! 

Building a seamless conversion flow throughout the funnel

Our cross functional teams not only look at our search experience when optimizing for conversion, we also look at every step in the funnel. This includes reviewing clarity in our messaging, our introduction screen, design details, and working directly with customers to iterate to ensure our product works for them. Our multiple teams of integration engineers constantly look for anomalies to ensure all issues are resolved before it affects conversion. We have been testing improvements to our search algorithm and will be releasing those improvements for additional conversion gains over the coming months.

We also have fall back flows to ensure we capture all end users. We support manual fallbacks, we provide password hints within the Link tool, we allow for 1Pass and Keychain to popup and we’re continuing to think creatively about how else we can provide a best in class experience for every consumer.

Not just a vendor, a partner

We see our customers as partners, working hand and hand to improve conversion and the overall experience. We work together to identify the appropriate call to action, context setting, A/B testing to improve conversion and iterate on new features. We listen to our customers to ensure we are building the best features and products to help them achieve their business goals. Our work together begins as soon as you reach out to see if we are the right partner for you!

Get in touch with us to learn more about how Pinwheel’s testing framework is always improving conversion for our customers to help them achieve their business goals. 

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