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June product release: Expanded connectivity to employers, a custom experience with Link API and more

Pinwheel Team

June 27, 2022

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June has brought us the official start of summer, the longest day of the year and weeks of heat waves. We’ve had a lot of sun, 100 degree temperatures, and some product releases hot off the press. We’ll keep this short and sweet so you can focus on the upcoming weekend most likely consisting of BBQs and fireworks.

We’re excited to share three new products and features! Our big product updates this month include our expanded connectivity to 1.5M employers, building custom experiences through Link API, and improving traceability of an end user through our End User Model. 

Expanded connectivity to over 1.5 million employers

To help with an end user’s search experience via Pinwheel’s API we have established validated, individual mappings to the most employers in the industry. Our unified search experience enables end users to search for their employer and easily connect to their appropriate payroll platform. 

Pinwheel’s expanded connectivity to over 1.5 million employers means our customers can rest assured their users can more easily connect their payroll or income platform, reducing friction in the overall experience and increasing user conversion.

Build fully custom experiences with Pinwheel’s Link API

Introducing Link API, a new option that allows customers to gain full autonomy to build a truly seamless UX that matches their branding, styles, and language, from the search experience, to selecting a platform, and all the way through to a completed job.

Shifting ownership of the Link UX from Pinwheel to our customers opens new doors for everyone. Companies with explicit integration requirements can benefit from Link API immediately while adhering to guidelines, and customers already using Link can access new flexibility in how they customize their experience.

Customers that leverage Link API can deliver experiences that reduce friction for their users. A thoughtful UX can be the glue that binds together the customer experience and inspires long-term customer stickiness (i.e. preference) for an app or service.

Improve traceability of an end user

Right now, a single end user may have financial data spread across multiple digital accounts and data sources. Many users work for multiple employers and some employers use multiple systems to record payroll information. Today, Pinwheel lets you connect all of these different accounts, and now we have a simple way to aggregate these accounts together.

With our new End User Model you can provide a unique identifier for each user, tying together different accounts. We’ll return this identifier in all webhooks, making it easier to integrate Pinwheel data into your system. Having a clear picture of the end user unlocks a new suite of data insights that we’ll be releasing soon!

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