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Lunch and learn with Nik Milanović

Pinwheel Team

February 26, 2021

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Earlier this month, we were excited to welcome Nik Milanović for a Lunch and Learn with the Pinwheel team as part of a series of events we’ve been holding with fintech experts. Nik has spent the past decade working in fintech. He writes This Week in Fintech, and is a contributor at TechCrunch and Forbes.

Nik joined us to share his insights on the evolution of fintech and key trends in the industry, helping our team contextualize our place in the landscape and our long term company strategy.

“Nik's session was awesome and very informative. Hearing his perspective on the evolution of online banks, and how unbundling and re-bundling are driving the. trends put things in perspective. It reaffirmed my excitement for the work we are doing, and gave me new ideas of where our product could be used and the. impact it will have on the fintech ecosystem. And lastly, his weekly newsletter is the bomb! I look forward to reading them every week to get a pulse of the industry.” - Bobby Mareddy, Senior Data Engineer

One of our Founding Engineers, Cam Spiller, is a former colleague of Nik’s from their days working at Petal, and also enjoyed the opportunity to learn from a fellow fintech native.

“Nik's wide breadth of knowledge in the fintech space made for a great presentation for Pinwheelers all-around. Hearing his thoughts on the direction fintech is heading in and how Pinwheel fits into the overall picture provided great insight into the value we can provide in the space.”

Many thanks to Nik for facilitating a successful Lunch and Learn -- be sure to subscribe to the This Week in Fintech newsletter for a digest of all things financial technology from Nik each week.

We’re excited to continue this series and welcome more industry experts soon. If you’re interested in joining us as a speaker, reach out to!